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Do you feel in control of your life and your health? Modern life involves complexity and uncertainty. Even before COVID, the world was dealing with pandemics of chronic disease and mental illness. Modern medicine is losing the battle against illness, by focusing on treatment rather than prevention.

PositiveMedicine™ enables you to see how life and health are inextricably linked, empowering you to take control.

Take Control

PositiveMedicine™ is a tool to help you take control of your life, and your health. Enhance your overall health, prevent or reduce disease and disability, and improve your quality of life and happiness. Gain information, resources and tools to help you to take control and live a healthier, happier life. You can focus on the areas that are most important to you, and take command of your own well being.
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Life Changing

Our lives have all changed in the unprecedented uncertainty of the global pandemic.

We have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives and do and see things differently.

Now is the time to decide what is important for us.

Good Choices become a way of life

Every choice you have made in your life has led you to this moment. Where we are in our life and the state of our health right now is the sum total of every choice, every decision we have ever made. Every choice you make from now on will shape your future. Using the PositiveMedicine™ framework will enable you to make positive choices for positive outcomes. Good choices result in incremental changes, and multiple small changes become life changing. Good choices lead to a longer, happier, healthier life.
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Project Me™ takes you through the process of discovering your Self, the person you really are under the layers. And in so doing, helps you understand your purpose in life and how you help other people on their journey.

The Hero's Journey
Based on the work of Joseph Campbell, and the concept of the Hero’s Journey, your ProjectMe™ programme will provide a map for your own Hero’s Journey, and the tools and resources you need along the way.

As you write the next chapter of the story of your life, ensure that you are in the driving seat; you are the hero determining what happens next, not the victim being carried along by the seeming inevitabilities of life and the expectations of others.
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Project Me™ Corporate or Group Options

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Meet our programme creators

Meet the minds behind PositiveMedicine™

Dr David Beaumont - Positive Medicine™ Physician, Author of Positive Medicine™: Disrupting the Future of Medical Practice.

Gayle Snyders Positive Medicine™ Consultant and Physiotherapist.

Take control of your life today

PositiveMedicine™ enables you to see how life and health are inextricably linked, empowering you to take control